Alcohol use disorder Symptoms and causes

For example, many studies have demonstrated the profound cognitive deficits frequently seen in some alcoholics during withdrawal. Cognitive status, therefore, could be assessed routinely to guide treatment planning. For cognitively impaired alcoholics, the use of treatment components that demand heavy cognitive processing (these would include most current treatment methods) could be delayed until at […]

Why Relationships in Recovery a Bad Idea?

To build positive interactions with other people, know that you are worthy, and stop negative self-talk. Addiction affects the brain, leading to changes in mood, behavior, and even physical health. While you do have to forgive yourself and move forward, you also have to accept the impact of drugs and alcohol on every part of […]

Rosalynn Carter, former first lady and mental health advocate, dies at 96 : NPR

At Westwind Recovery┬«, we offer a life skills training program as part of our holistic approach to treatment. Any person who has struggled with a substance use disorder or addiction is vulnerable to relapse. True sobriety involves self-growth, change, and serenity. A sober person has unlearned negative patterns of thinking and behavior and has […]